A Nostalgic Atmosphere

Choshi has developed as a modern city in accordance with the times, but part of its allure is that it has also retained some of the features of the post-war Showa period.
The picturesque charm of the townscape of Tokawa and the retro feel of the Choshi Electric Railway are two such examples, but a leisurely stroll around the city will uncover many more.
Old-fashioned mail boxes, traditional candy stores, family run restaurants and characteristic shopping streets all add to the nostalgic atmosphere of this unique port city.

Sanoya bean cake store
The favorite snack of people who live in Choshi.
Kamaya Honten Restaurant
Great for soba noodles and tuna sushi rolls.
Ishigami sake brewery
Birthplace of the famous sake "Choshi no Homare".
Isokaku Shipping Merchant House
Typical Choshi architecture.
Ogura soy sauce factory
Naturally brewed soy sauce matured for 12months.
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