Social media guidelines

Please read the following terms thoroughly and agree before you apply to contribute to "ANDACORE CHOSHI picture contribution content", carried out by Choshi city utilizing Instagram. (Contributors to this site will hereinafter be known as "the contributor").
Pictures contributed with "#wowchoshi" hashtags are considered to be in agreement with the Terms of Use.
If you don't agree, please cancel your # contribution.


Post your picture or video(hereinafter known as "contributed data") with "#wowchoshi".
Please secure permission from any third party appearing in the contributed data.
In addition, please secure permission for any intellectual property rights of the third party before contribution.
Minors, (under,20) need consent from a parent or guardian to contribute.
The contributor is must declare and guarantee to Choshi city that he/she has legal rights to the contributed data and that it does not invade any rights of a third party.
Furthermore, Choshi city will never use any of the contribution data for secondary purposes.

Prohibited acts

Choshi city reserves the right to withhold permission for display or to delete any contribution data should the contributor be judged to have committed any of these acts, before or after submission.

  • Any act which is against the contribution agreement.
  • Disturbing the management of "WOW!CHOSHI picture contribution content".
  • Causing nuisance, disadvantage, damage or an unpleasant feeling to others.
  • Slandering others or damaging their honor or trust.
  • Infringing intellectual property rights such as copyright.
  • Infringing a third party's assets, privacy or portrait right.
  • Any act which goes against the purpose of "WOW!CHOSHI picture contribution content".
  • Any act which is considered vicious or inappropriate by Choshi city.
  • Contributing obscene data, child pornography or data which promotes thesexual exploitation of minors.
  • Provision of information for profit, advertisement or solicitation.
  • Any act which is against public order and morality.
  • Any act which is against the Instagram Terms of Use, laws and regulations.
  • Any act which is similar to those above.

Immunity and others

Although we manage "WOW!CHOSHI picture contributing content" with the utmost care and attention, we cannot offer any guarantee in terms of the integrity, accuracy, safety and usefulness of the information we supply, the program, various services and all other matters pertaining to "WOW!CHOSHI picture contributing content".
In addition, we do not take any responsibility for any damage to the user or a third person as in the following examples.

  1. When a state of emergency occurs, such as an accident on the software or hardware, a fire, a blackout, aggravation of the communication environment or earthquake while the user is uploading his or her contribution.
  2. When we regularly or urgently perform system maintenance on "WOW!CHOSHI picture contributing content".
  3. When trouble occurs between users or a user and a third party.
  4. When any defect occurs because of a stop or delay in the service caused by the interference of the service or information modification by a third party.
  5. When a user cannot completely acquire information because he/she applied to "WOW!CHOSHI picture contributing content" from any environment except the recommended one.
  6. When the content "WOW!CHOSHI" provided was transmitted mistakenly, or is faulty without intention or gross negligence.

Choshi city does not take any responsibility (about) for any trouble, damage (regardless of (direct or indirect)) that occurred to the contributor because of their contribution to "WOW!CHOSHI picture contribution content".
Choshi city may change or cancel a part of or all of "WOW!CHOSHI picture contributing content" without any notice to contributors.
In addition, Choshi city can change this agreement without any notice to applicants, and can take necessary measures to secure the appropriate use of "WOW!CHOSHI picture contribution content" when Choshi city judges that to be necessary.
Applicants are to pay the Internet connection fee and communications cost for the application of "WOW!CHOSHI picture contribution content".

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