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Please accept beforehand that if opened on a PC or tablet terminal, some sentences may be incomplete and the layout badly proportioned.
Please read the following conditions of use and agree with them before using this site.

System Requirements


We recommend using this site with a standard browser loaded in a smartphone installed with an OS after Android4.2 or iOS5.
Depending on the settings of your terminal and its browser, functions and display may not work correctly, even when using under the recommended conditions.


In our site, there are pages inserted with JavaScript.
If JavaScript function is invalid in the browser that you use, the site will not function or be displayed correctly.
When you look at this site, please change the setting of your browser to enable JavaScript.

Style Sheet

Style sheet is used in this site.
If style sheet is invalid in the browser you use, the site will not be displayed correctly.
When you look at this site, please change the setting of your browser to enable style sheet.

Using under a non-recommended reading environment

Depending on your access environment,
the function and display might not work correctly and you might not be able to use the service.
Therefore we kindly urge you to stick to the recommended guidelines.


The contents (document, image, picture, sound, program) displayed within this site are protected by the Copyright Act, related treaties and law.
It is prohibited to reproduce and divert these contents beyond personal use or to the extent permitted by law without the rightholder's permission.
It is prohibited to reproduce or divert these contents without getting prior permission or consent from Choshi city.

Prohibited Acts

Users shall not commit any of the acts listed as follows.

  • Any act which risks disrupting the administration of this site or its use by others.
  • Any act that gives or may cause trouble, disadvantage or damage to our foundation, other users or a third party.
  • Any act which invades or may invade copyright, privacy and other rights of the other users, a third party or our foundation.
  • Any act which is or may be contrary to public order, morality or law.

Security of Post Date and the Contents

Please accept that information displayed on our site is true at the time of posting, and is liable to be changed at a later date.

Setting up a link

As a rule, setting up a link to the top page of our site ( is required.
Please do not use the LOGO of our site and link without permission.
In addition, sharing our link in any form which might give rise to misconception regarding a third party is unacceptable.

Links from Our Site

Websites whose links are displayed on our site are under the management of each corporation or person and are not under our control.Choshi city does not take any responsibility for any disadvantages occurred through the use of a linked website.The user bears the responsibility to use the appointed linked websites in accordance with each website's terms and conditions.


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