Privacy Policy

Our Stance

Choshi city protects the privacy of the users of this site and endeavors to create a secure website, easily accessible to all.
We collect,use and manage personal information based on "Choshi City Ordinance of Privacy Protection" appropriately as follows.

What's Personal Information?

Personal information is defined as information about an identifiable individual that may include his/her address, name, phone number and e-mail address.

Collection of personal information

The normal contents of this site are available without revealing personal information, but you may have to input your personal information as necessary in the case of reserving public facilities, making an inquiry/suggestion, or expressing your opinion to the municipal government.
In addition, in principal, Choshi city collects personal information only with the permission of the user, and in which case, the city will clearly express the purpose of the collection.
Furthermore, personal information is collected with the sole purpose of achieving a clearly expressed purpose.

Use of (the) Personal Information

We use personal information which we have collected only for a purpose clearly expressed beforehand, and the information will never be used in any other case nor offered to outsiders except where it is prescribed by "Choshi City Ordinance of Privacy Protection".
However, the collected information may be used for counting and analysis within parameters where identification can be protected.

Management of Personal Information

The site webmaster and the corresponding sections will carefully manage personal information collected and take appropriate measures to prevent leaks, misappropriation or manipulation.
In addition, any personal information will be disposed of or deleted immediately once it has become unnecessary.

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