In Case of Emergency

Temporary Gathering Place in case of an Earthquake or Disaster

"Hinan-Basho"- Temporary Gathering Places

"Hinan-Basho", is a designated temporary gathering place where you should head for if a natural disaster strikes or is  feared to develop.
This is typically a local park or schoolyard of an elementary or a junior high school.

"Hinan-jo", Evacuation Shelters

"Hinan-jo", (evacuation shelter) is temporary accommodation, often set up at the gymnasium of elementary or junior high schools etc., for people who have been evacuated or for people who are unable to return home in case of disasters.

"Tsunami Hinan Biru", Tsunami Evacuation Building

"Tsunami Hinan Biru", (tsunami evacuation building) is a facility where people can take immediate refuge following a tsunami warning.
These are usually in tsunami inundation hazard areas where it is judged that people will have difficulty evacuating to high land given the short time period after a large-scale earthquake.

Disaster Prevention Information in case of an earthquake or a disaster

During disaster outbreaks, disruption in Internet and cell-phone connections are widespread.
Disaster-related information should also be obtained through alternative methods, such as TV and radio.

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