About Choshi

What kind of place is it?

Choshi city is situated on a peninsula and  is surrounded by the Tone river on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other two. It is blessed with beautiful natural scenery; sandy beaches, rugged capes and soaring cliffs.
It is also one of the busiest fishing ports in Japan, and is home to a thriving traditional soy sauce industry.
Thanks to its unique location and climate, the city is able to offer a large selection of locally produced food throughout the year.

Choshi's history

People are thought to have been living on the Choshi peninsula as far back as the Paleolithic Age (15,000-23,000 years ago). Industrialisation started in the 17th century when  soy sauce started to be produced here.
The city of Choshi  as it is today was established on February 11th, 1933 and at that time was the second largest city in the prefecture.

Choshi's climate

Due to warm and cold currents in the sea, Choshi is warm in winter and cool in summer. In summer, temperatures can be as much as 5 degrees celsius cooler here than in Tokyo and inland parts of the Kanto region.
It is therefore the ideal place to come and beat the heat.
In winter, the climate is mild, snowfall is rare and the mercury hardly ever drops below zero.

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