Tokawa village

A small fishing village at the end of the Choshi Dentetsu Line.

Still retaining the characteristics of a small fishing community, Tokawa village was established by fishermen from Wakayama prefecture who came in search of sardines.
Walk down the steep cobbled slopes lined with traditional fishermen's houses down to the picturesque port and experience a trip back in time.


Low Tiled Roofs!

Tokawa village was built on a south facing slope with houses designed to withstand the fierce sea wind.
Their tiled roofs are so low that if you spread out your arms as you walk down the narrow alleyways, you can even touch them. Be careful not to trip on the cobbles!


By train

Take the "Choshi Dentetsu Line" from "Choshi Stn". and get off at the last stop, "Tokawa Stn".
Approx.1 min walk from "Tokawa Stn".

Time Required Approx.21 mins
Cost 340 yen
By bus

Take the bus bound for "Nagasaki" from "bus stop #5" and get off at "Tokawa Gyogyo Kai".

Time RequiredApprox.30 mins
Cost 330 yen
By bus

Take the bus bound for "Tokawa" from "bus stop #6" and get off at "Tokawa Shako".

Time RequiredApprox.30 mins
Cost 320 yen
  1. From "Tokawa Shako" bus stop

    Both the train and buses take you straight into Tokawa village.

By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Tokawa".

Time Required Approx.11 mins
Cost Approx.1,540 yen


Address Tokawa-cho,Choshi
Extra information The streets between Tokawa station and Tokawa fishing port are laid out in a grid pattern.
If you get engrossed in your walk and lose your way, remember that the streets are laid out in a grid pattern.
Head downhill for the port or uphill for the station.
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