Sugawara Daijin Shrine

Famed for its fertility stones.

Sugawara Daijin Shrine is named after Sugawara Michizane, a Heian period noble associated with learning.
However there are 90 smooth round stones stored in the shrine precincts which are said to aid fertility when cradled.
These have given Sugawara Daijin a reputation as a fertility shrine.
The shrine receives visitors from all over Japan, and even from overseas, who make the pilgrimage in the hope that they will be blessed with children.


A twice yearly Chance.

The fertility stones can be cradled only twice a year, during the Spring festival on February 25th and the Autumn festival on November 25th.
During the festivals, the shrine precincts are bustling with worshippers.


By train

Take the "JR Narita Line" from "Choshi Stn". and get off at "Shimosa Toyosato Stn".
Approx.10 mins walk from "Shimosa Toyosato Stn".

Time Required Approx.29 mins
Cost 240 yen
  1. From Shimosa Toyosato station

    Walk straight out of "Shimosa Toyosato stn". and turn right at the T junction. Turn right after 500m and cross the railway line.
    Turn left after 100m and then right after a further 100m.

By bus

Take the bus bound for "Toyosato" from "bus stop #2". at "Choshi Stn". and get off at "Toyosatoeki Iriguchi".
Approx.15 mins walk from the "Toyosatoeki Iriguchi".

Time RequiredApprox.32 mins
Cost 240 yen
By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Sugawara Daijin".

Time RequiredApprox.25 mins
Cost Approx.4150 yen


Address 60 Sakurai-cho,Choshi
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