Saruda Shrine

A power spot in the woods.

Set in a wooded area, this shrine has a sacred feel.
It has recently gained popularity as a power spot and is visited by many worshippers.
The main building and forest has been designated as an Important Cultural Property by Chiba prefecture.


The brick railway bridge.

One of the quirkiest characteristics of this shrine is that the main hall is reached by crossing over the railway on a red brick bridge.
This was built when Saruda station was opened during the Meiji period and crosses over the JR Sobu Line.


By train

Take the "JR Sobu Line" from "Choshi Stn". and get off at "Saruda Stn".
Approx.4 mins walk from "Saruda Stn".

Time Required Approx.15 mins
Cost 200 yen
  1. From Saruda station

    Directions: Turn right out of "Saruda station" and keep walking.
    The shrine gate will appear on your left.

By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Saruda Jinja".

Time Required Approx.30 mins
Cost Approx.4,150 yen


Address 1677 Saruda-cho,Choshi
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