Ogura soy sauce factory

Naturally brewed soy sauce matured for 12months.

Choshi city is known the world over for soy sauce, and you can even smell it in certain parts of the city.
Soy sauce manufacturing techniques were brought here from Kishu in the Edo era and the Tonegawa River provided an ideal means of transport.
Ogura soy sauce factory has a relatively short history. However it  uses traditional manufacturing methods, maturing the soy sauce in 100 year old cedar barrels.


Matured for twice as long?

A lot of soy sauce companies use Moromi mash which has been  matured for 6 months. Ogura soy sauce factory's Moromi mash is matured for 12.
This is soy sauce produced with a great deal of   care and time.

High standards of production.

The factory has a homely feel and the staff are dedicated to their work. All the product labels are attached by hand.


By bus

Take the bus for "Asahi" from "bus stop #2" at "Choshi Station" and get off at "Shinryojyo-shita bus stop".
The factory is approx.4 mins walk from the "Shinryojyo-shita bus stop".

Time Required Approx.34 mins
Cost 420 yen
  1. From Shinryojyo-shita bus stop.

    Do not take the main road. Take the narrow road and
    turn right at the second corner.
    The factory is on your right.

By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Ogura shoyu"

Time Required Approx.25 mins
Cost Approx.3160 yen


Address 1015 Yagi-cho,Choshi
Business hours 8:30-17:00
Closed Saturday / Sundays / National holidays
Extra information Tours by reservation only.
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