Isokaku Shipping Merchant House

Typical Choshi architecture

This house located close to the fishing port and Enpukuji temple is no longer in use.
It is however an interesting building as it incorporates aspects of both Japanese and Western architecture.
Built of local materials as a residence cum business premises of a shipping merchant in 1953, it retains many features typical of the riverside location, such as reliefs of sailboats and fish.


Sea bream floating on the roof?

Look closely at the Japanese style roof and you will see a relief of a sea bream just under the eaves.
Sea bream were an important symbol depicting a large catch during the 1950s.


By train

Take the "Choshi Dentetsu Line" from "Choshi Stn". and get off at "Kannon Stn".
Approx.5 mins walk from "Kannon Stn".

Time Required Approx.10 mins
Cost 210 yen
By bus

Take either the bus bound for "Kawaguchi / Port Center" from "bus stop #4" at "Choshi stn".
or the bus bound for "Nagasaki" from "bus stop #5". get off at "Choshi kannon bus stop".
Approx.4 minutes walk from "Choshi kannon bus stop".

Time Required Approx.7 mins
Cost 150 yen
  1. From Choshi kannon bus stop

    From Enpukuji temple ("Kannon sama") walk down towards the river. Isokaku House is the old two story building on the other side of the rotary.

By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Isokaku Shoten".

Time Required Approx.5 mins
Cost Approx.730 yen


Address Iinuma-cho,Choshi
Extra information Admission by special permission.
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