Iinuma Kannon

Also known as "Kannon sama"

The temple is the 27th stop on the Bando 33 temples pilgrimage route and has been a favourite spot with worshippers since the Edo period.
Points of interest include the large Buddha statue and the red 5 storied pagoda in the temple grounds.


iinuma kannon
Kannon sama festival.

On the 18th of every month a festival known as "Ennichi" is held in the temple grounds.
Cedar sticks are burnt as part of a Buddhist ritual.
Come along and experience this spiritual sight for yourself!

Walk around the shopping streets surrounding the temple.

Various local delicacies and even some hidden treasures may be found!


By train

Take the "Choshi Dentetsu Line" from "Choshi Stn". and get off at "Kannon stn".
Approx.5 mins walk from "Kannon Stn".

Time Required Approx.9 mins
Cost 210 yen
  1. From Kannon station

    Turn left out of Kannon station.
    The temple is easily recognizable from afar. Look for the red pagoda.

By bus

Take either the bus bound for "Kawaguchi / Port Center" from "bus stop #4" at "Choshi stn".
or the bus bound for "Nagasaki" from "bus stop #5". Get off at "Kannon mae bus stop".
Approx.2 mins walk from the "Kannon mae bus stop".

Time Required Approx.5 mins
Cost 150 yen
  1. From Choshi Kannon mae bus stop

    Walk in the same direction as the bus. You'll see the temple gate on the left.

By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to "Kannon sama".

Time Required Approx.5 mins
Cost Approx.730 yen


Address 1-1 Baba-cho,Choshi
opening hours There is no admission charge.
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