Jiroya Sushi Restaurant
People in the know love the broiled red snapper (alfonsino) sushi.
Ishii Maru Fish Store
The dried fish tastes so good.
Isshin Japanese Curry Restaurant
Just 500yen ! Curry and rice with pork cutlet.
Is it a custard pudding? No, it's Choshi's very own "Datemaki Sushi"!
Kashiwaya rice cracker store
The first store to produce "Nuresen" (moist rice crackers).
Sanoya bean cake store
The favorite snack of people who live in Choshi.
Shimatake Kaiten Sushi
Huge sushi on a conveyor belt!
Choshi Umemon Research Group
A group dedicated to introducing the best food only to be had in Choshi!
Manya Soba and Udon restaurant
What kind of noodles do you prefer? Soba or Udon?
The taste is just unbelievable!
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